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Our sustainable businesses create diversified sources of income and varied employment opportunities for the Coquille Tribe and our communities.




We desire growth for our people and the community. CEDCO exists to provide the expertise to identify and develop fruitful investments that cultivate this growth.




Sustaining ourselves is important. CEDCO is here to foster Tribal self-sufficiency and the well-being of its members by building and investing in successful businesses.


The Coquille Economic Development Corporation

CEDCO is the primary business development and management entity of the Coquille Indian Tribe. In this capacity, CEDCO seeks out new tribal business opportunities, manages and grows existing tribal businesses, and oversees and develops strategic business partnerships to ensure the long-term economic self-sufficiency of the Coquille Indian Tribe.

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US EPA RFP available here  .


CEDCO provides the expertise to identify and grow successful businesses and investments.

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Long-term success through high standards of customer service, and managerial performance.

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Mith-Ih-Kwuh is a Tribal investment entity created to pursue growth, diversification and self-sufficiency.

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  Our Tribe

Successful business ventures in gaming, forestry, communications, exporting, and renewable energy.

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From its core gaming and hospitality business to ventures in high-speed telecommunications and international trade, CEDCO has a proven track record of identifying and growing successful businesses and investments for the Tribe. In its business development role, CEDCO fosters strategic partnerships and joint ventures that help to further diversify the Tribe’s business portfolio.

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For over twenty-two years during my service with the City, I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to work with employees and tribal members of the Coquille Indian Tribe.

—Rodger Craddock, Coos Bay City Manager

Over the past ten years, I have had many positive experiences with the Tribe, their economic development department, and The Mill Casino and Hotel both professionally and through civic organizations that I am affiliated with.

—Eric E. Farm, Area Manager, Campbell Global

The Coquille Tribe and its economic development arm, CEDCO, have been strong supporters of the Chamber's mission and success through the dedication of personnel, financial resources, and professional partnerships.

—Brooke Walton, Past President, Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Our community has benefited from the economic development arm of the Tribe, CEDCO. The Tribe serves as one of the community's largest employers.

—Rodger Craddock, Coos Bay City Manager

CEDCO is an excellent local employer, significant contributor to the area's quality of life through its community grant program which has given hundreds of thousands to many area non-profits and a great community partner.

—Brook Walton, Past President, Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Strategic Partners

CEDCO offers its strategic partners the ability to leverage the unique advantages of a business relationship with a tribally-owned entity including the following:

  •   Tax Advantages
  •   Government Contracting Opportunities
  •   Unique Financial Advantages
  •   Regulatory Advantages


Founded on core Coquille Tribal values of honesty, integrity and teamwork, CEDCO is a vital economic resource for the Tribe as well as for communities in Southern Oregon and beyond. Learn more about partnering with CEDCO.

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