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About Us

With Congressional approval of the Coquille Tribe’s Restoration Act in 1989, the Coquille Indian Tribe became responsible for fostering tribal self-sufficiency and fostering the long-term economic well-being of its members. In 1992, the Coquille Tribal Council created the Coquille Economic Development Council (CEDCO).

Formed as a Tribally Chartered Corporation, CEDCO is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors appointed by the Tribal Council. The structure provides for an independently operated corporation whose strategic decisions blend Tribal policies and goals with sound business practices.

With almost three decades of experience, CEDCO provides the expertise to identify and grow successful businesses and investments that contribute to Tribal self-sufficiency by building sustainable businesses that, in turn, create diversified sources of income and varied employment opportunities for the Tribe.

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CEDCO is governed by a Board of Directors and a highly competent and experienced corporate staff.


Board of Directors

Brenda Meade

Kippy Robbins

Donald Ivy

Linda Mecum

Toni Ann Brend

Eric Metcalf



Corporate Management

Judy Duffy-Metcalf, Chief Executive Officer

Maeora Mosieur, Chief Financial Officer

Dena Miles, Corporate Director, Human Resources

Eric Day, Sr. Project Manager

Loretta Kuehn, Project Administrator, Development

Ray Doering, Director, Corporate Communication

Makayla Walker, Office Coordinator


Business Management

Brady Scott, CEO, Tribal One Development, LLC

Terri Porcaro, General Manager, The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park

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