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CEDCO Partnerships

In its business development role, CEDCO also builds strategic partnerships and joint ventures that help to further diversify the Tribe’s business portfolio. CEDCO offers its strategic partners the ability to leverage the unique advantages of a business relationship with a tribally-owned entity. Those advantages, when matched with the added benefit of a team of dedicated, experienced professionals, give our business partners the competitive edge they need to thrive.

Photo Caption:Tribal One’s partnership with Millender White Construction Co. of Arvada, Colorado expanded the capabilities of both companies and created greater government contracting opportunities for the new MW/ORCA Joint Venture, LLC.

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CEDCO Partnership Advantages
Tax Advantages

Partners with tribal businesses can have access to several tax incentives and tax exemptions on the federal and state levels that can lower business costs.

Government Contracting

Under the right circumstances business partnering with the Tribe could benefit from public sector incentive programs and contract set-asides that promote economic self-sufficiency, including the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business programs.

Financial Advantages

Tribes and tribally-owned business have access to a variety of financing options that can benefit their business partners.

Regulatory Advantages

Tribes enjoy a government-to-government relationship with federal and state regulatory agencies that can create greater flexibility for business operations.

Return on Investment

An independent study using 2010 data showed the following local impact for the Coquille Tribe and its businesses:

  • Total direct economic output of $68.3 million resulted in a secondary output of $96.9 million for a total statewide output of $165.2 million.
  • Businesses managed by CEDCO directly supported 622 jobs with $33.6 million in wages and cash benefits. Spending by those businesses indirectly supported in another 670 jobs paying a total of $21.3 million in wages during the year.

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